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Indexed Universal Life

Index universal life insurance gives you upside potential with downside protection

The coverage and flexibility of a index universal life insurance policy can make it a valuable part of your overall financial strategy, by providing all this:

Financial Security for those you Love

Because it is a life insurance policy, you will have the reassurance of knowing that if you die prematurely, your beneficiaries will receive a death benefit.

Opportunity for Accumulation

As you pay premiums, a portion of each payment is added to the cash value, where it will grow tax deferred.

Financial Help for Future Needs

If you need to, you can access your cash values income-tax-free through policy loans and withdrawals that can help you supplement your retirement income, complement a college funding strategy, pay off debts or help in times of emergency.


You can adjust your premium payments (within limits) to fit your lifestyle. You can also select optional “riders” that allow you to customize your coverage for your specific needs.

Indexed Interest: The Index Universal Life Advantage

Upside Potential

At the end of each policy year, if the  results are positive, you will receive  indexed interest credited to your policy.  Any interest you receive is locked in each  year, and once it is locked, it can never be  lost, even if the index drops below this  amount. Keep in mind, however, that  fees and charges will reduce cash value.

Downside Protection

If the annual performance is negative,  no indexed interest will be credited. The  Policies cash value will not decrease.

An IUL Versus a Roth IRA