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Disability Insurance

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Medical Student, Resident & Fellow Disability Insurance

Exclusive Medical Advisors (EMA) is a nationally acclaimed Surgeon and specialty Physician advisory firm focused on helping you protect you and your family. Founded by Matthew Vuckovich, a former Major League Baseball sports agent, and the nation’s top insurance agent in the Physician market, EMA is guided by the rule of Value Outside of Job Description. Knowing you can work with anyone for your insurance matters, we’ve gone above and beyond to create a nationwide network to help young Surgeons and specialty Physician’s transition to the professional world. Access to the EMA Network has helped many clients find jobs, sign industry deals, land advisory roles in medical companies, and raise money for medical start-ups. Our platform sets us apart from everyone else – it’s the leading competitive advantage of why Surgeons and specialty Physicians across the country choose to work with EMA.

You have spent the last eight or nine years in college and medical school training to become a Physician. You followed that up with three to seven years of Residency and maybe another year of Fellowship for good measure. You have invested 11 to 16 years into your business. Your most valuable asset? Your ability to earn money over your working life. This is by far more valuable than any tangible asset you may own. Your earning ability is worth anywhere from $5,000,000 to $25,000,000 depending on specialty and the amount of time you choose to work. You have car insurance for your car, homeowner’s insurance for your house, and health insurance for your medical bills. You need to insure the most valuable asset you have, YOU.


Disability Insurance Overview

  • Physician specialty OWN-OCCUPATION coverage
  • Resident/Fellowship Program Discount
  • No physical exam and no financial underwriting
  • Qualify for a maximum of $5,000 monthly benefit
  • Market comparisons to identify best product offers
  • Avg monthly premium $115-$150

Life Insurance Recommendations

  • Term Insurance
  • $2M Death Benefit
  • 15yr, 20yr or 30yr term coverage
  • Market comparisons to identify best product offers
  • Avg monthly premium $30-$65